About Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

The Arc de Triomf is an arch in the manner of a memorial or triumphal arch in Barcelona. It was built as the main access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair by architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas.

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Tips for Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

After 125 years, not much has changed about Barcelona's Arc de Triomf.

- Oh-Barcelona.com

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- jose carlos

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

It's not just Paris that can boast having an Arc de Triomphe. Barcelona has its very own Arc de Triomf too!

- GowithOh

Buen punto para iniciar la Ruta del Modernismo. Fué construido según el diseño de Josep Vilaseca en el comienzo del P. Lluís Companys para presidir la entrada de la Exposición Universal de 1888.

- Monti Josep M.

I love walking by this monument and seeing all the people relaxing and enjoying the day. Quintessential Barcelona.

- @JaumePrimero

Awesome place if you are planning to have a walk on sunny afternoon

- Abdulrahman AS

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

Zona familiar, alegre y siempre llena de actividades, justo al lado de un parquesote hermoso ideal para picnic. Un bonito rincón de Barcelona! #senseacity

- TravelThirst / Mariana Calleja

Todas las ciudades importantes tienen uno y BCN no iba a ser menos, muy cercano al Parc de la Ciutadella es el centro de muchas actividades de la ciudad y lugar de encuentro familiar.

- joanpccom

Watch out for pickpockets asking for directions to obvious places. Rather say.something in a foreign language and HOLD ON TO YOUR BAG.

- Bram Vandeperre

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

Be sure to pay special attention to the unique design, which is based on Moorish architecture! It is this very fact that sets it apart from the Arc de Triomf in Paris!

- Apartment Barcelona

Keep your eyes peeled for the bats that reside atop this famous landmark! Legend has it that one of these creatures was King Jaume's lucky charm on the day of the Battle of Puig in 1238 A.D !

- Apartment Barcelona

Adorei, Lan!!! Curta mooooointo!

- sonia martins

A good place to skate if you go when there isn't many people, you can rent your skates at "Inercia".

- Silvia Morés

Great atmosphere on any sunny morning: skaters, dancers, performers, locals and tourists mingling in this landmark of the city.

- Rafael Marin

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

Красивый парк доя прогулки

- Yulia Kazenina

El primer viernes de cada mes ven con tu bici a las 20:30-21h. a la Masa Critica!

- Luis Cifre

listen to the trumpet player

- Mich Sal

This is a really spectacular public space. The boulevard is always full of activity, performances, and people relaxing. Safely segregated bicycle lanes.

- Adam Nowek

Пройдясь от ТРИУМФАЛЬНОЙ АРКИ вниз по аллее вы попадаете в прекрасный парк с озерцами и огромным, красивейшим фонтаном, а так же есть крытая оранжерея с лавочками, где можно спрятаться от жары))

- Stanislav Zuichenko

Arc de Triomf (Arco del Triunfo)

A majestic structure parked in a beautiful district. Explore the gardens of the citadel before/after appreciating the arc in all it's glory. A beautiful district to go for a run through, too.

- Oliver Sears

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