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About Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is a key feature in the architecture of modernist Barcelona. It was built by Antoni Gaudí between 1904 and 1906. Nowadays, the spectacular facade is an iconic landmark in the city. The house is open to public for cultural visits and celebrating events in its modernist function rooms.

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Tips for Casa Batlló

The fantastical Casa Batlló (00 34 216 03 06; casabatllo.cat, admission €20.35/ £17), a glittering, polychromatic affair, also open to the public.

- The Telegraph

Casa Batlló

A room with a view! Inside the Casa Batlló!

- Oh-Barcelona.com

Casa Batlló

The Casa Batlló put on a spectacular lights show on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate it's 10th year of public visits. This was our favourite photo from the show!

- Oh-Barcelona.com

Casa Batlló

Oh my Gaudí! We can't get enough of the great architect's Casa Batlló. All you need to know about it can be found by clicking "Read More."

- Oh-Barcelona.com

This building from 1877 was entirely remodeled by Antonio Gaudí in 1905-1907. It is a jewel and you need to see the entire building at least once if you go to the 'Ciutat Comtal'.

- I Wanna Go There

Saint George's legend in a building. Look at Saint George's cross on top, the dragon below him and the skulls and bones of the dead. One of the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona.

- Akira Flats Barcelona

Casa Batlló

Un edificio que merece la pena visitar tanto por dentro como por fuera

- Eduardo Zn

Один из пунктов must do в Барселоне!! Окунитесь в сказочный мир Гауди! Восторг и восхищение обеспечены!

- Alyonka Feriabova

Yes, there are people who live in the building, but you can most definitely go in there (just not into their apartments). enjoy!!

- Piero Poli

Casa Batlló

Одно из зданий Гауди, находиться в частной собственности барселонской семьи, ходя по музею можно увидеть жилые помещения. Вход 20,35€. Лифт работает!, можно прокатиться, тссс... только это запрещено!

- Anastasia Ryzhenko

Обязательно для посещения! Пофигу на цену, берите аудиогид - не пожалеете! Грандиозная продуманность каждой детали в доме не может не удивить даже прожженного скептика!

- Olga O.

18€. I don't care how 'eccentric' Gaudy is, that's too much.

- Jonathan Leschinski

The Casa Batlló is celebrating 10 years of being open to the public with a lights show this weekend. And it's even free! Be sure to head there this Saturday or Sunday to see this Gaudí treasure lit up

- Oh-Barcelona.com

Casa Batlló

Visita obligada en Barcelona, magnífico !

- Martha

20,35€ general admission... Doesn't look like recession has hit Spain ! I'll pass this time as for this price you can get both Picasso Museum and Miro foundation (and change to spare)

- David Mondon

One of two of Gaudi's houses that are open to the public in Barcelona. Well worth a trip to experience the jaw-dropping architecture.

- Sony Xperia™ Football

gaudi architecture - gaudi route Barcelona

- Patrickdh Heuchenne

Casa Batlló

La Casa Batlló no deja de sorprendernos con sus detalles. Una mezcla de color, imaginación y funcionalidad. Una joya de la arquitectura modernista y una visita obligada en Barcelona...

- Visitebarcelona.com

Casa Batlló

Es un lugar realmente encantador! Me gustó mucho la visita!

- Wallis Eideh

Building restored by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol, built in the year 1877.

- Enforex Schools

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